Thursday, October 18, 2007

Puppy Play Group--The Best Thing EVER!!

We love our vet. Dr. Cohen at Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital is a total sweetheart. She really seems to know her stuff, and makes us feel like she cares about Max as an individual, not just a patient. Max thinks she's his girlfriend because she gives him squeezy cheese, and he never even noticed that it was to distract him from the shot he was getting in his other end.

Another fantastic reason to use HOCAH is puppy play group. Until they're fully inoculated, it's not safe for puppies to be around other dogs. HOC sponsors a free play group on Monday nights to offer exercise and socialization for their patients they have examined and know are healthy, but who aren't fully immunized yet. it's good for the puppies physical and emotional growth, but more importantly, SO CUTE!!!!

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